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Si je peux seulement trouver

...l'homme j'étais

21 April
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MeCharles, Charlie, Cheik, C, 21, French, have senegalese, half guinean, 2nd oldest son, 2 sisters, 2 adopted sisters, born in North Paris, from LondonLife2nd year music student, @ Cambridge University, business studies, plays intercollege rugby, goes drinking on Saturdays, play violin, oboe, piano, and trombone, typical poor uni studentLikesPlaying violin, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing!, any mecha anime, rugby, free stylin, french hip hop, american hip hop, soul music, jazz, blues, football, meditation, and basic soul searching Dislikesloud noises, trains, nightmares(won't front, I don't), quiet, bland foodWrites French or English poetry, life stuff, musical insperation, contemplation, realisation of the fact that this is the only life I got so I will not waste it and make the most of it and try to find out where from which I began previously in the last chapter