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Did I mention...

I am a university graduate now? I suppose I should.   That is why I am never on! I never have time...  I couldn't start grad school until next Mich. term so I am back in London. I've got a internship with <b>Virgin</b>  and they are kicking my arse. I have been so busy.  But I finally have saved up enough for my own laptop so maybe now  I can update.

What I do in my work is my bossman's work, writing emails, telephone  calls.  I get to go to a lot of free concer and things so that's right fun.  I also get extreme discounts which is great because I am very very poor at the moment even with the job.  

Living with Uncle Leon is  like living with my parents and it  though it seemed like it would work.  This is the man who raised me, so to prove to him I'm a man I must find some other flat to stay at.  Plus the ladies he makes company with are hitting on me and it's bit creepy they're all like 35-40+. Uncle Leon is almost 50 himself.  

<b>Now that Charlotte and I have picked up our correspondence</b> << I would try to explain that  but I will have to do that on another page.   I'm on the goodside of the family. Chad and me  follow the same circle in Lambeth but now he's offered the spare flat above his rest. It's where he and his wife stayed before he bought the bigger flat a block or so away.

Charlotte has been acting very strangely in sort of a 'I want you back, but I am going to make you suffer'.  I think she feels guilty when I am the one who should be guilty.  I want to forget this life sometimes.  We're following into such montone ebony and ivory parts of the graph.  our life seems so binary so basic. So this or that.  I want to take her away from all of this boredom all of this monotony.  I wish we could fly away somewhere to live the rest of lives in anoynymity. Her and me


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