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Counting down the days.

I'm going to see Charlotte in Decemeber! I'm too excited for my own good. I love her I miss her. And secretly I am happy that she misses me, et that Ayman...whatever his name is could not feel the void.
She's invited me down for catch this a whole week. Now I just got to not spend any money so I can afford the plane ticket. She offered to ask her parents for help, but I am not in the position I once was. I am not a part of that family anymore because I fucked up. Besides my job pays me pretty good, I am working in a music store and doing lessons at a local boys school. I try to send my mum about 100 pounds a month to help out with the family. I'll just go back on the beans diet. Or not, I need to gain weight. Oh well I'll figure it out. I'm gonna get my self togehter. to see my girl. I think she might be on her way to forgiving me, it has been a year after all.   Amazing how it works, she spent the first 10 years pining after me and I'll proably spend the next ten pining for her.

There were flashing lights
When we met

at the typical place you would be

In a flash of time
my mind was set
knew you were the girl there for me

And though you just wanted to leave
imagine how great it could be
the f-u-t-u-r-e (spell the future girl)
sit down hold your horses dont leave (where you goin girl?)

Come and sit with me
Don't be so quick to leave
I really like you girl,

Lets take thoughts and words
Explore the universe

Just dont leave me girl

I really like you girl, girl
Since the moment we met
I really like you girl, oh girl
Now i know, this is it

against the wall,
is where you lean
the most beautiful girl
that i've seen

outta this world,
my god you bling
surprised that you are human being 

I really like you girl, girl
Since the moment we met
I really like you girl, oh girl
Now i know, this is it

Yo, i think i got the one now
Hehe.. never me man, never me
never in a million years...
but i do


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