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I do not quite to describe the past few months since most my mates graduate university. To clarify: Charlotte, Lavanya, Rabi, Peter, Betram, Ani, Chak, and Jean all finish their undergraduate studies. Ngozi and Daphne finished their Masters program. Congrats to all of them. Nearly half of them will be here still though, for the fall or doctorate's program, so I will not be nearly as lonely as I thought. Charlotte's still going to be in Cairo though, she wouldn't even come home for holiday. She says I've been acting strange? She nearly got engage to that boy, Tariq. I mean she almost did, but she changed her mind, bless it be! My pal Ravi talked to Tariq though...I think that might have had something to do with it. I don't want Charlotte to be alone the rest of her life like I am obviously going to be. I just think vengeful marriage is wrong. Any rate she's not mad, and realise it was for the best. She even invited me to her new flat (company paid) in Cairo. I'm in Senegal now, visiting family and attending 3 graduations and a wedding of younger cousins. Of course now everyone excusing the whole graduation due to my illness but 'what happen to that brit girl you were go to marry?' *sighs* or those who know how i fucked up. 'Oh why is she acting all haughty like her flower is so pure. You're a man.' Okay let me dispell some myths. I am sooo not from a rich family that's not a myth as you can tell from my 190 cm 55kg body... but no I do not plan on having any extra wives... wrong region folks and wrong socioeconomic bracket. I bet Charlotte would have more than one if she could get away with it. Okay you can tell, can't you. I can honestly say for the first time in my entire life. I am upset with her. Just with the way she's been acting lately. She's toying with me. I hate when she does that... like at that graduation cruise. She was wearing this gold, lame' like halter bathing suit. walking around the deck with just that and pair of short shorts *nosebleed*...course she was with Tariq all day.... and with me all nite. I hate that! She's been acting like some little so and so who just got some high on the hill degree and I'm just some african slave boy.

oh wait she did.
and until last year....that's all I really was.

maybe she finally realised I'm not good enough for her at all.

but damn it all. bob's your uncle i'm going to get my cambridge degree too!

p.s - Whoever said Africans were naturally used to hot weather LIED. this weather fucking ridiculous. it makes all the beer taste german, which isn't bad, just different. I'm used to England, man. Even North Paris never got this bad, I swear... this is so sad I am so westernised.



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25 aoû 2006 18:05 (UTC)
I hate to agree with you on things concerning my cousin, but i'm kinda worrieed about her too. I hope things will work out great for the both of you, even if you don't end up together. Good luck in your last year. and have a good holiday.

oh and agree with you and htat whole blacks and heat thing. I was was raised in the south here and I still hate it. I'm so moving to the mountains or the north I swear.
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