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Picture Post(yes I am an insomniac)

Man... I need a digital camera.
so who's pictures am I posting? Pictures of my family's festival we had during the last holiday from school while were in the countryside. It was my mother's side of my family, Senegalese, those keeping track. Some of the pictures were take by me... with my Uncle Leon's camera. course you can tell. and the rest are in black and white. taken by Aliko, who recently graduated from univ. with an art degree. go him!

Type your cut contents here.</div>
Me (white tshirt top left corner), Babu (with the wooden necklace), Dabir (in the white shirt), Chris, Rommie, and Sule

Nvea, Charlotte(even though you're eyes are closed...I like that picture of you!) and my mom...who you can't see b/c her back is turned to the camera. ( the little girl is my little cousin Larisse')

and this is Clarisse' my other little cousin athe beginning at the ceremony (they both live at home with my parents)

...okay that's enough for now. One of these days I'll have to show you some pix of Senegal and Guinea

bonne' nuit


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11 juin 2006 21:28 (UTC)
Oooh! I hate that picture of me...it makes my nose look pointy like a witch.
Clarisse' and Larisse' are so cute.
and you should really not write journal entries when you are drunk.
14 juin 2006 02:25 (UTC)
No it doesn't. stop being so self conscious. it's not like you.
They are adorable.
I know... I know. I was having a moment, but then again I guess we all were.
12 juin 2006 21:13 (UTC)
Charlotte is sooo pretty. her nose doesn't look a witch's so don't pay her any attention. Nice to see a glimpse at you and your family
14 juin 2006 02:26 (UTC)
Jasmine? correct? Thanks
13 juin 2006 21:57 (UTC)
Oooh, those pictures are fabulous!
*points up* Charlotte, dear, your nose isn't pointy- you look beautiful!

[formerly dirge0fcerberus ^_^]
14 juin 2006 02:26 (UTC)
Thanks about the pics. She knows her nose isn't pointy. lol. she's very beautiful.

i'll be sure to add your new id
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