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43 things... it's the latest craze

i.e man on a mission (well man searching, it sounds cooler in english*gasp!*)

So it's the craze for all the graduates... of which I am not one. Luckily most of my mates are staying around for grad school so I don't feel quite as bad. Lavanya and Rabi left for the weekend to tell his folks their not getting married in September since they're going to grad school here. and it is pricey. 30 some odd thousand pounds a TERM. grad school is going to kill me but I still have 2 more terms after this one before I have to worry about that if I even go. a Master's in music sometimes is a waster unless you're intelligent sort of sport. which I'm not very.
Charlotte's leaving for Cairo, EGYPT in a month. I can't believe she's actually going. but I'm not too suprized. I supposed it would happen this way. I deserve it. I know it's not all about me. I have to get over myself. but it still hurts. that the love of my life is going to to fucking Egypt. Damn I hope she doesn't end up turning into one of those creepy christian orthodox muslim sympathisers(no offens to any non extremist muslims or orthodox out there) This is killing. I'm really happy for everybody, I was even really happy when Dr. Saigon told me I could graduate next Lent Term. I just knew I'd be here till...Mich 08.

But at the same time I'm pretty depressed too, I hate being depressed. I'm trying to get out of it because when I'm depressed I don't eat. I just don't feel like it and it sucks because I'm losing weight ...5kg to be exact(fyi:me=tall really really skinny bean pole... with low blod sugar. too bad I'm not short i would've been a great jockey) and when this term ends I have to go back to the doctor and if I lost weight they might try some dumb shit like putting me back in the hospital...i hate hospitals.

...this is by far the longest entry I've written yet. cool

well gotta chip



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